Face & Body Art 'in the field'

In addition to its aspects in respect of costuming, we can provide Face & Body painting and a temporary tattoo service for fetes, fairs, fun days, promotions, parties, etc..

Our wide portfolio of face designs includes animals, monsters, insects, birds, and stylised abstract designs. We use professional theatrical make-up, products & equipment, including an airbrush system. This is primarily used for the temporary tattoo service but can also be used for body painting when required.

The airbrush tattoo system uses specialist semi-permanent tattoo ink, which, depending upon skin type and other factors, can last anything up to four days, sometimes longer. If tattoos need to be removed earlier, this can be done with the use of a deep cleanser product or surgical spirit. We have a wide selection of tattoo stencils including chinese symbols, animals, flowers, celtic symbols and various graphics.

For face painting we primarily use water-based products which can be washed off with soap and water, although we recommend a cleanser such as Nivea to remove face-paints from delicate areas such as the eyes.

We also stock a range of make-up, hair colours, eyelashes and moustaches for sale. Other specialist items can be ordered in with sufficient notice, although advance payment may be required. Please ask if there is something in particular you require.

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