Dressing as a book character is a popular theme for school events. World Book Day 2018 is on March 1st (although some schools choose other dates to fit their curriculum, whilst others ignore it completely.) Many schools now encourage their pupils to create costumes for themselves, but we are always happy to help with hard to find items.
This is a selection of our costumes for hire for both children and adults. We also stock a range of children's costumes for sale. (A full list of our Children's Book Character Costume Stock can be downloaded using the link below).   For those whose devices will run them, there are also two Flash presentations showing a selection of other outfits - use you right mouse button to Pause/Rewind if required.
The axe-lady below (a Game of Thrones character, since you ask) offers some in-depth analysis of other book character options. As an alternative, you can always use the A-Z Costumes button on the NavBar for access to our entire collection!






This is a small selection of our costume range, so If the particular character you want isn't here, it may well still be worth contacting us as we are experts in improvising costumes. Some characters may be subject to copyright, but we can sometimes provide alternatives and 'look-alikes'.