Most Venetian-style masks make good use of feathers, glitter, lace etc. and may effectively hide the identity until the time to unmask.
The first consideration is usually whether one wants the lorgnette-style which uses the traditional 'handle' to one side of the mask (but which can leave you short- handed juggling food and drink in a party environment) or the less traditional but more practical elasticated versions. There are also some, such as the cat masks below which use headbands.
The other consideration is often colour co-ordination with one's outfit. As always, whilst almost anything goes with a black outfit, black is not always an option at parties.


Above, a selection in reddish tones. Below a range of popular black and silver designs.




Above, a more colourful array in both elasticated and lorgnette styles. Below, a selection in shades of blue.


Samples of simple eye-masks. 



A feline feather mask collection.

Masks are sold rather than hired, thus the selection available at any time may vary from those shown. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.

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