Body painting involves much the same as face painting but works with a more extensive canvas!

Clients wanting something a little more (or less) than a mere costume and with sufficient enthusiasm and patience, may consider a body paint/costume combination such as this Android Space-Girl.
Body painting does not have to be a total coverage concept, like the girl in Goldfinger (which we have done a few times), but because many costumes involve make-up/face paint, you might decide you want to disguise or decorate the parts of the body the costume does not cover. There may not even be any party event involved - you might be considering being painted for a photo project or as something you've always wanted to have done..
Because body-painting is a somewhat individualistic concept, you may find it helpful to discuss your requirements in advance. Although this consultation is free, we charge an initial booking fee for the body-painting service, unless you are a regular client or account customer. The fee is offset against the final cost and hopefully deters time-wasting.
We offer separate special information on this area of activity, and this, along with details of our past work, is available on request.