Hollywood and/or Movies continues to be a popular theme for a costume event.
In most respects almost any costume can be related to some film or other (although it may depend upon how strictly you interpret the term 'Hollywood' ).
This is a 'tip of the iceberg' selection of our movie-inspired costume characters. The far bigger picture can be found here


Catwoman and Frank N Furter ignore Peter Pan & Captain Hook locked in battle. Sturday Night Fever mingles with Belle of 'Beauty and the Beast', with Austin Powers and a small Shrek line up with the Green Fairy and Satine-style showgirl from 'Moulin Rouge'. 

Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler of 'Gone With The Wind', The Mask and Snow White plus Alice from 'Wonderland' and the 'Looking Glass', and a small Pirate of the Caribbean doing his stuff! 

Finally we have Cruella de Vil, Fred Flintstone and Morticia.
That's all (for now) folks!