James Bond (and variations) is a strangely popular theme choice, yet it is also one for which people have a few problems finding costumes. So what can we offer if not the basic Bond tuxedo? (Which we don't have because, for evening wear, Nobody Does It Better than a formal dress-hire place).

Here we offer a few potential alternatives from our collection. These are links to Bond Girls, Bond Villains and other characters. Links are repeated at the bottom of the page.


Aside from the above, Bond has taken on other guises - Sir Hilary, the kilted heraldry expert in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', a clown in Octopussy and a scuba diver in 'Thunderball' and 'Tomorrow Never Dies', for example.

In the best traditions of undercover disguise, some of the costumes are given other names in our costume list - hence the reference codes.

Aside from that, in also every film he's either in bathing trunks or a towel at some stage, but these are not ideal outfit for a party!

 Of course Bond is nothing without the Villains, the Bond Girls or Other Characters!

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