Masks come in various types, some of which may not always be a practical option for parties. Obviously a good number of costumes feature a mask as part of the outfit - notably superheroes/heroines (who usually use eyemasks of some sort), but in other situations such as a Masked Ball or Mardi Gras, the mask may be the centrepoint of the disguise.

A popular and colourful choice either based on the domino style of eye-mask or upon replicas of the classic styles of Venice such as the beak-like 'Doctor' mask or the Harlequin. 

Click here for Venetian-style masks, plus pictures!

We have a range of these 'face-bop' animal masks available for purchase.
Designed not to obstruct the eyes and mouth (and therefore suitable for children) some of them make the appropriate animal sound when the nose is pressed!


There are undoubtedly some excellent overhead masks on the market. They may be especially useful when it comes to Movie Star or Character parties where one wants to capture a likeness. The problem is that almost all overhead masks can limit the ability to see, eat, drink and talk (perhaps even breathe comfortably) and, of course, as soon as one takes the mask off, the likeness is lost.

Celebrity Face-Masks
We have an ever-changing range of these popular celebrity masks available for sale. Although cardboard, they can be surprising effective. Again, we have limited stocks and it's first come, first served.
The Half-Face
A compromise solution to the issues raised - the mask does not have to be held, but the wearer can still use his/her lower face for the important functions of eating and speaking!


Make-up as a Mask
In some cases, the alternative to a mask is a mask-like make-up, especially for animal costumes, although some animals, such as horses, can be a challenge to create on a human face. This option has the advantage of allowing you to eat, drink, speak etc. without hinderance and in many cases, people may not recognise you behind the make-up anyway.



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