All persons/organisations hiring costumes or other items from Antrix are required to abide by the following terms and conditions. They are also printed  on the back of the costume list (downloadable from this site or available from Antrix) and on the Costume Hire booking form which the hirer signs to signify agreement with the terms.

1) Hire charges are usually based on a four day period. (Exclusive  of Sundays & Bank Holidays). Longer periods of hire are available, however additional payment will normally be required. (Price dependant on number of costumes and time span).

2) Payment is only by cash or cheque (accompanied by a Bank Guarantee Card).

3) To pre-book costumes for particular dates, a £5 booking fee per costume (£10 over the New Year period) is required (this is part of your eventual hire fee). The booking fee is non-refundable. For non-account Organisations with large quantities of costumes, a 25% deposit is usually required upon placement of the booking, with the remainder payable upon completion of the contract, or, if an account customer, payable upon invoice.

4) An additional *refundable security deposit (£50 for adult costumes, £20 for children's costumes) must accompany all hirings upon collection of the costumes/accessories. (* See Terms & Conditions No. 6).

5) Hire payment (less booking fee if applicable) and security deposit to be paid upon collection of the costume(s) or accessories. If paying by cheque, two separate cheques are required, accompanied by a cheque guarantee card.

6) The costume/items must be returned on the agreed specified date, or the refundable security deposit may be partly or fully forfeited. (The only exception is if we have been contacted on/prior to the date of agreed return & another date has been accepted).

Please note:- If items have not been returned within 14 days of agreed date, security deposit cheques will automatically be cashed.

7) The costumes/accessories remain the property of Antrix. Any loss of costumes or accessories must be paid for in full.

Please note:- The security deposit does not necessarily cover the replacement cost of any lost costumes, and further charges may be incurred.

8) Any damage to costumes or accessories must be paid for. Normal wear and tear are discounted.

9) Although costumes and accessories remain the property of Antrix, it is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that their home, car or travel insurance will cover the loss of any items whilst in the hirer's possession.

10) Costumes, their accessories and prices may change through upgrades and other factors. We will do our best to advise any modifications, and also honour agreements made prior to such changes.

11) In the event a pre-booked costume becomes unavailable through circumstances beyond our control, you will have the choice of a full refund, or the opportunity to select a replacement.

12) Account Customers:- Our terms are fourteen days from date of invoice. For persistent late payment of invoices, Antrix reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities.

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