Hopefully you are here looking to hire costumes (if you are not and just want a few ideas, enjoy - there are around 170 pages to keep you amused).
If you are in a hurry, pictures of almost all our outfits can be found using the Costumes and Themes A-Z buttons above!
For those after other entertainment, stunning (?) observations on the fun world of costuming can sometimes be found on our Facebooks (links below) and we are working on some blogs for 2019.
Meanwhile you might ask .... 
Why come to Antrix for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs?
We have a unique range of individual costumes & accessories - primarily for hire, but some for sale.
We offer the ability to mix and match costumes and accessories, until you find the look you are happy with.  We also hire individual items if required.
Adult Costumes - Hire rates average £26
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £50 per costume).
Children's Costumes - Hire rates range from £12-£22
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £20 per costume).
Personal service.
Free parking (usually right outside).
Weekday evening appointments available, as well as daily appointments from Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).
Please note:- We are in a private house (cunningly disguised!), so please ring first. 
Payment is by cash or cheque only, unfortunately we do not have credit/debit facilities. 

For even more detailed costume and theme coverage go to our larger Costumes & Themes website, and our mobile/tablet-friendly site is also available.


Exactly why the Royal Mail has chosen 13th February, to release a set of stamps commemorating the works of Leonardo da Vinci is a bit of a mystery - the 500th anniversary of his death is not until 2nd May. Still, because of the anniversary, there are a number of exhibitions around the country showing da Vinci works, most borrowed from the Queen’s private collection. Some have noted that the subject of one of the da Vinci drawings on display in Glasgow bears an uncanny resemblance to the Duke of Edinburgh!

Obviously requests for da Vinci-based costumes are rare, although our own collection does feature a Mona Lisa Picture outfit, as shown. An Artists and Models themed event possibly has more potential for pushing creativity.

We were once involved in a body-painting competition with just such a theme. Most artists contented themselves with creating a design representing a single artist on their model, but one ambitious painter attempted to produce an entire gallery but ran out of time with just ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ and ‘The Thames Above Westminster’ (both by
Joseph Mallord William Turner) completed. Peter’s effort was some Native Australian art - very aboriginal!




Having reduced many of our existing hire rates, we have a new price list for all our costume stock. This is now available to view and download using the link below.

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Also available for those who would like a reminder of our details to enhance your desk, wall or an empty space, we have a downloadable A4 calendar in PDF format. Click the link below.

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Finally if you would like a copy of our monthly newsletter, you can download a copy here.

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We hope to see you soon.



We do not sell (or hire) costumes over the Web, but for those in the Maidstone and Mid-Kent area, wanting hire quality outfits for your costume-based event, this is the place to be:
We offer a service different from anything you can find on the Web (and in most shops) and usually you can mix and match elements to create a unique look.
You can browse almost all our outfits using the alphabetic links.
 We carry a range of sell-through items and accessories for those who visit our premises to the south of Maidstone, at Loose, and, unlike some shops, we can offer help and advice on matters such as make-up and 'character back-story'. We can also run 'theme sheets' and montages on closed areas of this site for the benefit of private party organisers.
Enjoy your visit to our sites.

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