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Why come to Antrix for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs?
We have a unique range of individual costumes & accessories - primarily for hire, but some for sale.
We offer the ability to mix and match costumes and accessories, until you find the look you are happy with.  We also hire individual items if required.
Adult Costumes - Hire rates average £26
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £50 per costume).
Children's Costumes - Hire rates range from £12-£22
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £20 per costume).
Personal service.
Free parking (usually right outside).
Weekday evening appointments available, as well as daily appointments from Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).
Please note:- We are in a private house (cunningly disguised!), so please ring first. 
Payment is by cash or cheque only, unfortunately we do not have credit/debit facilities. 

For even more detailed costume and theme coverage go to our larger Costumes & Themes website, and our mobile/tablet-friendly site is also available.




It used to be Clown Masks….

When you think of the link between costumes and crime, chances are that most people will think of the costumed crime-fighters of yesteryear such as Batman, Robin and Spiderman. (Costumed superheroes of these days seem to spend more time battling either themselves or intergalactic threats to the ‘World As We Know It’ (or something like it in a parallel universe). Admittedly the criminals being fought against by our heroes were equally colourful and quirky: From the glory days of the Batman TV series, the likes of the Joker and Catwoman (played for a time by Eartha Kitt) have survived and thrived, but there were others (played by major stars of the day) such as Egghead (Vincent Price), mad musician Chandell (Liberace) and the Bookworm (Roddy Mc Dowell), all with plans to get away with devious crimes and eliminate the Dynamic Duo with novelty killing machines – very comic book.

In the real world, of course, official crime-fighters usually wear a uniform of sorts and it is more often the criminals who resort to disguise: Oddly, this doesn’t often take the form of the traditional mask, striped jumper and bag marked ‘Swag’ burglar-gear, beloved of comic books. Those involved in armed robbery used to resort to a little more than black eye-masks – stockings were a good cheap disguise (as long as you got the holes in the right place for your face), but for a time it was clown masks: Checking local party/hire shops to see if they could recognise masks used in a crime was part of police routine in the wake of an event. Obviously the internet has rather ruined that line of enquiry, but then, for the same reason, things have moved on.

At a recent Somerset fete, a mystery silent stranger, dressed head to toe in a chequered onsie suit, challenged the public to guess his (her?) identity, charging for guesses. The individual then disappeared with the takings, the organisers having no better idea who the stranger was than the public. In the event, an anonymous donation was made later, via a local vicar, but the incident could potentially spawn some copycat incidents from less honest people. Suddenly the old Lone Ranger end-line ‘Who was that masked stranger?’ may have more relevance.    

Having reduced many of our existing hire rates, we have a new price list for all our costume stock. This is now available to view and download using the link below.

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We do not sell (or hire) costumes over the Web, but for those in the Maidstone and Mid-Kent area, wanting hire quality outfits for your costume-based event, this is the place to be:
We offer a service different from anything you can find on the Web (and in most shops) and usually you can mix and match elements to create a unique look.
You can browse almost all our outfits using the alphabetic links.
 We carry a range of sell-through items and accessories for those who visit our premises to the south of Maidstone, at Loose, and, unlike some shops, we can offer help and advice on matters such as make-up and 'character back-story'. We can also run 'theme sheets' and montages on closed areas of this site for the benefit of private party organisers.
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